Prepaid Paypal: features and uses

The immediacy of the PayPal system

PayPal is spreading fast worldwide, thanks to an effective advertising campaign recently launched on television.

Its success is linked to the convenience of the service offered: it is a sort of virtual account that allows you to receive and transfer money from other PayPal accounts immediately.

With a simple click, account holders can in fact send and receive money in real time, without having to exchange sensitive information (a simple email address is enough) and without incurring any deductions for the operations carried out.

The company charges costs when the money comes from a bank account (and therefore from a source outside the PayPal system).

How to transfer money from an account to a card with PayPal

A PayPal account can be useful for those who are self-employed, such as a freelancer working on the Internet, or for those who deal with web transactions, receiving money for items sold online.

The accumulated sums can easily be spent on purchases on websites or to book hotels and airline tickets (more and more agencies accept this payment system).

However, if you want to “monetize” an amount, you need to link your PayPal account to a debit, credit or prepaid card.

Once you have provided all the information, you will be able to transfer the money to your bank account or prepaid card, without incurring any additional costs (only for amounts below 100 euros you will have to pay a commission).

All the advantages of the prepaid PayPal card

Among the various cards, you can also request Prepaid PayPal, the company’s official product that allows you to easily transfer money directly to the card.

This prepaid card allows you to take advantage of the MasterCard circuit, has the contactless option for immediate payment of small amounts and allows you to make purchases in shops and on the Internet in complete safety.

The activation cost is 9.90 euros (it can be requested from LIS CARD receivers) and can be associated with an IBAN code to receive and send transfers.

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